What I Offer



My primary philosophy is that every person is an experiment of one. We each have unique nutritional needs, and they can change over time. I am open to the variety of dietary styles, such as Paleo and plant-based. My goal is to help you find the approach that works best for you!


Whether you are training for your first 5k, 10th marathon, or simply want to have someone to help motivate you to run more, I can help! With over 18 years of running experience (more than half my life!), I have experienced a number of different training methods. My philosophy is that we are all an experiment of one, and we are constantly evolving. My method is very hands on, regardless of how near or far you may be. There will be goal setting, there will be communication and feedback, there will be evaluation and adjustments. My goal? To help you achieve yours, and to feel satisfied in both your performance and your continued development as an athlete!


I would love to lead you in some kriyas and meditations. If you live near the Boulder, Colorado area, I can come to your house for either a one on one or group session. If you live further away, we can do them via Skype πŸ™‚ I also offer private/small group postnatal/Baby & Me yoga classes in my personal studio.


I make a custom package for everyone based on needs and desires. You and your goals are unique, so what we do together should reflect that!


Email me at theradianthuman@gmail.com


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