A Love Letter to our MomBods

Back when I was still pregnant (just over a year ago πŸ˜‰ ), I thought that by a year postpartum, my daughter would be mostly weaned from breastfeeding and I’d be able to workout HARD, take all the preworkout and other supplements that should not be in breast milk, and hey maybe think about competing again!

Not yet. Horses: held.

My body is still not completely mine. My daughter is only just starting to understand that she can eat food in addition to playing with it, but she still primarily gets her nutrition from me. 

So I still have the breastfeeding softness.

A lot of moms have that softness, breastfeeding or not.

And you know what? To your child, you are PERFECT.

That softness is their tactile sensation of comfort. The way you smell after you’ve missed a shower or two (because #momlife)? Comfort. Everything about you is perfect to them because it is YOU.

YOU are their world.

So all that “body back” messaging (that will be another post!)? Ughhhhhhhhhhh *eyeroll* 

Your body will never be the same.

You’ve grown and birthed a HUMAN.
You’ve leveled up.


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