Perfectionism, Mom Guilt, and Getting Shit Done

I have a goal this year. Well actually, I have a number of goals, but those are for another post or two 😉 

I will write and post more regularly here on The Radiant Human::The Fit Mamafesto! 

Why am I making a point of proclaiming this as a goal?


I have a lot to say. A lot.

But I have been far too perfectionistic about it. My desire for the perfect verbiage and nuance and voice has instead left my words paralyzed in the drafts section of my blog.

And honestly?

That been a really selfish move on my part.

I’ve been so fixated on creating PERFECT that I’ve effectively kept my thoughts to myself. 

Not anymore.

My words and thoughts deserve to be out there, to be shared and discussed and debated and yes it will be ok if I decide I need to make some edits!

So that’s out there. That covers the Perfectionism and Getting Shit Done parts of the title. But what does it have to do with Mom Guilt?


Mom guilt is all about second guessing and wondering about the path not taken rather than simply being present and enjoying the current beautiful, messy journey. Mom guilt can arise from the paralysis caused by a particularly venomous perfectionism. 

Mom guilt gets in the way of GETTING SHIT DONE.

Does this mean that by writing more I’ll rid myself of Mom Guilt, forever and ever? 

No. And that’s ok.

But I’ll be able to look at the Mom Guilt, maybe acknowledge it with a little greeting or a wave, say “peace out!”, and then I can continue on the GSD path instead of allowing it to grow into a monstrous THING.

Because I have shit to do. 


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