I’m Bringing Sexy Mama Back

So I’ve done some photo shoots after the birth of my little girl.

First(ish) at 6 weeks.


First official at 3 months.



Another (more fitness oriented) at 5 months.



Isn’t early postpartum (and yes, 5 months is still early!) a time of fluctuating boobs and soft tummies? aka Not the sexiest time in a woman’s life?

Yes. Exactly.

And it is still a time of sexiness and beauty.

We just worked our asses off for nine months to grow a human. A REAL, TINY HUMAN! And now we’re working even harder to nurture that little human into a strong, amazing human.

But so many women don’t see this bodily feat as worth celebrating. There may be stretch marks. There may be soft bellies where firm abs used to be. There are breasts that go from engorged to drained multiple times a day. There may be cellulite on our bums and thighs (I just remind myself that those fat stores help her brain development. SCIENCE! Easy reading version Journal article for extra credit )

I want to posit that THESE BODIES ARE STILL SEXY! I might even go so far as to say they are SEXIER than before (oh my so many caps! I feel strongly about this!)

We have just gone through an experience that is the most feminine and womanly thing we can do. That softness? That’s what comforts our little ones. They snuggle into our curves, smell our mommy scent, and feel safe.

Am I against women working out after birth? Not at all, if it is done appropriately according to your body’s needs. But I do personally feel that the primary focus at the beginning should simply be for sanity and for retaining a sense of self, not for PRs. Once you’ve healed (which depends on a LOT of factors: vaginal vs. caesarean birth, how the birth itself went, degree of diastasis, etc. ), game on!

But don’t do it because you want to get your sexy bod back. Your body, the one you have right now, IS sexy! And its sexiness will evolve as you continue on the journey of mamahood!

Photo credits: SeeleyFit team


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